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Client: California Department of Transportation, District 6

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Location: Southern Madera County, California

Caltrans “Madera Pools”
In-House Mitigation Bank

Vollmar Natural Lands Consulting is establishing a multi-species vernal pool/seasonal wetland mitigation bank for Caltrans on a 200-acre property located northwest of Fresno, California. Caltrans will use the bank as an in-house source of mitigation for impacts from transportation projects in the San Joaquin Valley. The site supports numerous vernal pools and several threatened and endangered species including California tiger salamander, vernal pool fairy shrimp, and San Joaquin Valley Orcutt grass. Many of the existing pools and swales were degraded by the previous land owner who tried to eliminate them with a box scraper.

Through our expert knowledge of vernal pool landscape ecology, we are using historic aerial photos to restore and create more than 130 pools and swales. The pools are being specifically designed to provide habitat for the full-suite of special-status species known from the site. Pool construction is planned for summer 2007. We are also advising Caltrans on appropriate grazing management to preserve and enhance the sensitive resources on site. The mitigation bank development plan includes recommendations for water development to support livestock.