Vollmar Natural Lands Consulting, Inc. is a California-based natural resources consulting and research company providing expertise on the technical and regulatory aspects of natural resource assessment, impact analysis, mitigation, conservation, restoration, and land stewardship.

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Assisted with the conservation of 80,000+ acres of natural lands

Since 1996, we have completed more than 450 projects ranging from small site assessments to large-scale conservation, mitigation, and development projects. We provide services and expertise throughout California and other western states.

Our Company provides the following Core Services:

  • Rare Plant and Wildlife Surveys, Habitat Assessments, and Species Restoration
  • Formal Wetland Delineation and Sensitive Habitat Mapping
  • Vegetation Ecology, Classification, and Mapping
  • Regional Conservation Planning and Development Studies
  • Mitigation Bank and Mitigation Preserve Establishment
  • Conservation Land Management and Monitoring, and Invasive Species Control
  • Wetland, Riparian, and Upland Habitat Restoration
  • Rangeland Management and Grazing Assessments
  • Biological Constraints Analysis, Impact Assessment, and Permitting
  • Advanced GIS Analysis, Remote Sensing, and Cartography

Representative Projects

Loma Post-Fire Habitat Study

VNLC prepared three annual monitoring reports for a post-fire habitat study of areas burned by the Loma Fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The OSA’s primary goals were to preserve open space, protect natural resources, and provide opportunities for education and recreation to the public. Environmental data collection and analysis is required to perform well-informed, strategic land management practices. The Loma Fire started on September 26, 2016 and burned 1,811 hectares (4,474 acres), primarily burning natural wildland habitats, but also affecting additional structures and landscape features.


Captive Propagation & Reintroduction of Large Flowered Fiddleneck

Large-flowered fiddleneck (Amsinckia grandiflora) is a critically endangered plant species that is a California endemic wildflower presumed extant as only two small natural populations.  In partnership with the University of California Botanical Garden as a subcontractor, VNLC is oversaw this federally funded project to propagate and reintroduce the species into its historic range at 10 suitable sites, and was responsible for the study design, analysis, and implementation. 


Fernandez Ranch Management Plan

Fernandez Ranch incorporates 700 acres of grasslands, oak woodlands, and riparian corridors representative of northern Contra Costa County's beautiful open lands.


Southern Sierra Nevada Foothills Vegetation Mapping Project

VNLC senior botanists John Vollmar and Jake Schweitzer collaborated with the CNPS on this project involving the collection of vegetation data in support of classification and mapping of the southern Sierra Nevada Foothills eco-region. The study area encompasses over two million acres and extends from western Mariposa County south to eastern Kern County, within an elevation range of 500 to 4,000 feet.


Calabazas Creek Open Space Preserve Property Management Plan

Located at the northeastern edge of Sonoma Valley, Calabazas Creek Open Space Preserve encompasses wild and scenic open space with regional significance. Rising from the valley bottom to the crest of the Mayacamas Mountains, the site features a wide range of natural habitats, which in turn support an exceptional diversity of native plants and animals.


<em>Pseudobahia</em> Status Surveys

VNLC was awarded a USFWS grant to conduct updated status surveys of two federal and State listed species: Hartweg's golden sunburst (Pseudobahia bahiifolia) and San Joaquin adobe sunburst (Pseudobahia peirsonii).


California High Speed Rail Mitigation Preserve Project

VNLC undertook a first-of-its kind landscape-level restoration of a formerly leveled vernal pool landscape. Based on LiDAR data, historical aerial photos, and extensive soil pit studies, we designed a complete pool-swale-mound system.


Lights Creek Botanical Survey Plumas National Forest

Vollmar Natural Lands Consulting conducted surveys for rare plants, invasive weeds, and sensitive habitats within 9,600 acres on the Mt. Hough Ranger District, Plumas National Forest.


Montezuma Wetlands On-Site Mitigation Preserve

The Montezuma Wetlands Project is using dredge material from SF Bay to restore tidal marsh within diked baylands at a site along the edge of Suisun Bay. This project incidentally impacted western burrowing owl habitat and several man-made seasonal pools supporting listed shrimp species.


Open Space Preserve Aquatic Habitat Surveys

VNLC conducted pond and stream surveys for special-status reptiles and amphibians at six large preserves owned or managed by the Santa Clara Valley Open Space Authority.


International Research

Our company works internationally on selected wildlife and habitat conservation and research projects, serving in both leadership and support roles.  Through these projects, we expand our knowledge and contribute to global resource conservation.

Recent projects have included Frog Diversity Monitoring in the Peruvian Andes and Amazon Basin; and Vegetation Classification and Mapping within a threatened wildlife  corridor in Northeast Tanzania, Africa.