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Client: Muir Heritage Land Trust

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Location: Contra Costa County, CA

Fernandez Ranch Management Plan

Fernandez Ranch incorporates 700 acres of grasslands, oak woodlands, and riparian corridors representative of northern Contra Costa County’s beautiful open lands. It is also within designated critical habitat for the threatened Alameda whipsnake. The Ranch was recently acquired by MHLT as an open space preserve. Vollmar Natural Lands Consulting is conducting biological surveys and preparing a land management plan for the site. Work involves site geologic, soil and geomorphic assessments; vegetation, sensitive habitat and special-status species surveys; wetland delineation; and invasive species surveys and noxious weed mapping.

We are using survey data to develop a comprehensive site management plan addressing conservation and enhancement of Alameda whipsnake, California red-legged frog, and several special-status plants; conservation and management of oak and riparian woodlands; enhancement of native wildlife and plants including native bunchgrasses within annual grasslands; and noxious weed and invasive wildlife control. We are working with the projects creek restoration team, trail planners, range manager and CEQA specialist to insure that the management plan integrates with all project issues.