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Client: Sonoma Land Trust/Wetlands and Water Resources
Contact: John Brosnan, Project Manager: 707/526-6930

The 2,300-acre Sears Point project site, situated along the northern edge of San Pablo Bay, incorporates diked baylands and adjacent uplands extending up the western and southern flanks of prominent Sears Point. The site offers a unique opportunity to restore and enhance the full suite of wetland and upland habitats that historically occurred in the region including tidal marsh, marsh-upland transitional habitat, and upland grassland and wetland habitats.

Vollmar Natural Lands Consulting is developing the upland management and enhancement plan for the site. The plan was developed in the context of site geology, geomorphology, and soils which together were found to exert a primary influence on the distribution of sensitive resources and invasive species. Our efforts have focused on recovery of California red-legged frog through creation of breeding sites and bullfrog control, re-establishment of riparian woodlands within heavily degraded stream corridors, and watershed-wide management and enhancement of a variety of sensitive habitats and species including native wildflower fields, the associated endangered Callippe silverspot butterfly, native bunchgrass and coastal prairie stands, vernal pools, alkali seasonal wetlands, western burrowing owl, and saline clover.

We have also identified and mapped primary noxious weed species and developed recommendations for control based on site-wide distribution patterns and protection of nearby sensitive resources. We are working closely with a Range Manager and Pest Control Advisor to implement our recommendations.


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